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DigiFessor Are Expert Digital Marketers

We have invested time, effort, and resources learning digital marketing and now we would like to share our know-how with the world at an affordable price.

We do not have competition simply because no other company on the Internet offers the relentless training, mindset, video tutorials, live webinars, motivation, and support DigiFessor offers.

Relentless Training

Our video library speaks for itself. You will learn digital marketing and how to launch your business like a pro. 

Unbeatable Support

Award winning customer service. We bend over backward for our members / customers. 

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We Can Help Anyone Launch A Successful Business

Our sole passion is to help you start, launch, and grow a successful online business. We have all the tools, knowledge, and resources to equip you with everything you need to create a brand that will stay in the minds and hearts of your customers and clients. We live for your total success!

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DigiFessor Was Founded In 2014

DigiFessor was founded in 2014 by Tony Thomas. Tony knew nothing about digital marketing or starting a business online. Yes, he had success building several offline businesses, but quickly realized that launching a business online was much different.

DigiFessor did not take flight simply because Tony was operating as a one-man-band, and it took time to learn the different aspects of building a business online… from scratch.

Imagine being able to piggy-back on Tony's investment in digital marketing, and launching your business with the DigiFessor blueprint to insure your success in record breaking time.

DigiFessor is proud to present a “much needed” service / product that offers so much value in the marketplace at such a nominal cost.


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