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Let’s say you go to the cimema and watch a really good movie. You call 10 of your friends and tell them how great the movie was. Imagine if you received a commission for telling those 10 friends about that movie. Well, that’s affiliate marketing, and you will receive a 35% commission every time one of your referrals makes a DigiFessor purchase.

We pay a flat 35% commission for all sales generated through your affiliate link.

Yes! As long as your customer remains a DigiFessor customer, you will be paid a 35% commission until they cancel their membership.

Commissions are paid weekly – every Friday.

We pay via PayPal, so make sure you include your PayPal email address when signing up for the DigiFessor Affiliate program.

Zero cost. Absolutely free to become a DigiFessor Affiliate.

It normally takes 1-24 hours for approval.

You will be given a free Back Office / Dashboard to track all of your commissions, visitors, and more.

Digital Marketing is very much in demand, and DigiFessor is the ONLY online platform to offer “live” hands-on training at a minimal cost.

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