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Register above by filling out the form. It only takes one (1) minute to register. After you register, please check your inbox, we will send you a very important email.

2. Share

Share your unique affiliate link with everyone you know. If you have a website, post banners and links on your site. The goal is to share your link with everyone.

3. Earn

As you begin to share your affiliate link, and people join DigiFessor through your affiliate link, you will start earning commissions.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We pay all commissions every Friday before 6:00 PM. If you made a sale on Wednesday, you will be paid the following Friday.

Yes, you will receive monthly / recurring commissions on all monthly memberships as long as that member you signed up pays for that particular month. You can make consistent,  predictable, and sizable income every month by signing up memberships.

After you receive your affiliate link, please head to to your back office and kick around a bit. You will find your affiliate link in your back office. We encourage you to share your link EVERYWHERE. When someone clicks on your link and make a purchase, you will be paid a commission the following Friday.

We do not project or promise how much you will make. What you earn is directly linked to the effort you put forth and time you spend learning how to generate traffic to your link or banner. 

We pay our affiliates via PayPal. It's important you include your PayPal email address in your affiliate back office. 

Let's say you introduce Bob to the DigiFessor affiliate program and Bob registers. And let's say Bob introduces Sam to the DigiFessor affiliate program and Sam registers. You will get paid on Bob (1st Level) for all sales that Bob makes. You will be paid on Sam (2nd Level) for all sales that Sam makes. 

Yes, our success is based on your success. Our goal is to arm you with all the training that gives you a level of unstoppable confidence. A confident and well trained affiliate will write his / her own paycheck.

If you have experience as an affiliate marketer, have a large list that converts, and can show how you consistently makes sales as an affiliate marketer, we will offer you a 75% commission on all DigiFessor memberships.

No, you do not need to be a DigiFessor member in order to become a DigiFessor affiliate. However, it would help to be a product of the product to sell more effectively.

Yes, everything you need to track your progress, sales, clicks, etc., is in your back office.

When someone clicks on your unique link they are (forever) connected to your commission when they make their purchase. To better answer this question... the cookie life is FOREVER. This one benefit (alone)  makes the DigiFessor affiliate program the best affiliate program on the Internet. 

The minimum payment is $50. Your commissions must total a minimum of $50 before you receive a commission check.

Yes, you will have access to our affiliate support staff.

Yes, we have a collection of banners and links for you to use on your website, emails, and other platforms

Yes, you can promote DigiFessor on Social Media.

Do's And Don'ts

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